SCX10 Brass Beef Tubes

SCX10 Brass Beef Tubes

  • $25.00
  • Save $3.75

These are the same as the original steel version except
that this version is machined from brass rather than steel. The benefits
of brass are that it will not rust like the original SCX10 Beef Tubes
and brass is just a bit heavier that steel at 1.7 ounces per set.

These are an upgrade for the Axial AX-10/SCX-10 axle

housings that benefits the rig in several ways. They add weight down low

to help keep the center of gravity low on your rig, enabling you to run

less rotating weight in the tires. They also "BEEF" up the axle housing

itself to help keep from snapping the housing in half. The main benefit

is that they give you a solid metal mount for the c-hub screws, instead

of the stock thin plastic that normally holds the c-hub screws and

strips out easily.

They will work in both the front and rear axles.

You will receive two Standard Beef Tubes (one axle).

Tube weight = 1.6 ounces per set.