SCX Dual Front Servo Mount

SCX Dual Front Servo Mount

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This is the trick for any really serious SCX Builder. If you have a

FJ Toyota build with the winch sticking out, or you have a trick truck

with the winch hidden, this dual servo mount will allow you to mount up

your steering servo AND a servo winch or custom front plate, all in one.

And although this mount setup WON'T allow you do directly mount the

SCX post bumpers, it gives you strong deep M3 screw holes to mount your

rail-attached bumpers just as you had them before.
This versatile

little front mount set fits directly into the SCX frame rails, and

allows 2 servos to be mounted beside eachother, still in the confines of

the frame rails. In our case, as seen in these pictures, we used the

steering servo in one, as expected, and the other used for a winch plate

or a servo winch (shown with the TZIworld winch).
Both trucks shown

use the side-rail bumper attachment, like so many of the newest

Aftermarket Bumpers available. The front bumper mount holes are not

there anymore! You will need to custom fab something (as with the black

bumper pics) or use a custom metal side rail mounting (also shown on the

brown frame).
These brackets fit with the stock Dingo parts as well as the GCM front motor mounts.
All kits include BLACK mounts, and all new hex hardware. Silver parts used in pictures for clarity only.