Rear Bumper Mount for the Losi Ten-SCTE

Rear Bumper Mount for the Losi Ten-SCTE

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The Losi Ten-SCTE is a wickedly fast short course truck. That type of
performance places extra stress on the protective areas of the truck,
specifically the front and rear bumpers. RPM #73042 does a great job protecting the front end while RPM #73112 helps protect the rear but the stock mounting system holding the rear bumper in place needs some much needed RPM help. Our rear bumper mount solves this final durability issue.

The RPM Rear Bumper Mount for the Losi Ten-SCTE is
designed to absorb critical rear impacts, reducing transferred impact
energy that could potentially damage other more fragile internal
components. Our four piece design uses multiple curves and spring shapes
to absorb those impact energies by distorting upon initial impact,
then, unique to RPM engineering grade materials, will return back to its original shape.

Our rear bumper design also incorporates mounting locations for RPM Low Visibility Wheelie Bars (RPM #81312
sold separately). These ingenious wheelie bars tuck up under the
bumper, preventing them from detracting from the scale appearance of the
truck, yet sit low enough to prevent your rear bumper from dragging on
the ground when a little too much throttle sends the front wheels

Combine an RPM Rear Bumper Mount with our #73112 Rear Bumper for the ultimate in rear end protection for your Ten-SCTE!

Tech Notes: RPM Rear Bumper Mounts are tested and guaranteed to fit with stock shock towers, rear suspension mount covers and stock or RPM rear bumpers (RPM #73112) and wheelie bars (RPM #81312) only.