MIP Pucks™, 17.5 Drive System, TLR 22T #13150

MIP Pucks™, 17.5 Drive System, TLR 22T #13150

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Pucks™” ‘ARE’ the future of 17.5 stock racing! MIP’s all new Puck™
Drive system is an aluminum based drivetrain system which includes
aluminum diff outdrives, aluminum C-CVD™ bones, and replaceable plastic
orange wear Pucks™ that take the place of inferior steel pins. This
combination greatly increases the longevity of the drivetrain and most
importantly decreases the drivetrain’s overall rotating mass by a
whopping 50%! The decrease in weight directly results in quicker
acceleration, deceleration, and lower motor temps! Get the advantage
that every stock racer craves! GET, MIP’s all new Hard Anodized 7075-T6
Aluminum Puck™ drive system!


17.5 Stock Racers


Less rotating mass

Quicker acceleration

Quicker deceleration

Lower motor temps

Less overall wear on drive components


Complete MIP Differential

Complete C-CVD™ Axle Set

50% less rotating mass over stock steel components

Replaceable Pucks to keep your drivetrain fresh

Two sets of holes in the C-CVD™ bell

Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum

Race proven C-CVD™ Construct

MIP Laser Etched Logo

100% Quality made in the USA!

(Does not include Diff Gear & Stock Sealed Bearnigs, use OEM)


4-40 x 3/32 Cup Point (2), Ball Bearing 3/32” Chrome Steel Ball (14),
HW-Pin 1/16 x .430 Solid Pin (2), HW-Pin 1/16 x 3/8 Roll Pin (2), HW-Nut
M4 x .7mm Steel Locknut (2), HW- Bearing 1/16” Chrome Steel Ball (7),
MIP Modified Diff Ring Losi 22 (2), HW-BHCS 1-72 x 1/8” (6), Washer #2
Hardened (1), MIP 3/16” CVD™ Coupling (2), MIP Capture Rings (2), Diff
Spring 1⁄4 x 9/32” (1),HW-SHCS 2-56 x .92 Diff Screw (1), Molded T-Nut
Associated (1), Diff Thrust cover (1), MIP CVD™ Puck Pin (2), MIP
Outdrive Pucks™(8), MIP Thrust Retainer .236 Aluminum Bore (1), Diff

& Grease cup (1), MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup (1), Inst. Sheet
(1), Confetti Sticker (2), MIP CVD Axle Losi 22 T (2), MIP Pucks™ Male
Aluminum Outdrive TLR 22/22T/22 SCT (1), MIP Pucks™ Female Aluminum
Outdrive TLR 22/22T/22 SCT (1), MIP Pucks™ C-CVD™ Aluminum Bone TLR 22 T


.050 Allen Key – Equivalent to #9000 MIP Hex Driver Wrench .050 inch

5/64 Allen Key – Equivalent to #9002 MIP Hex Driver Wrench 5/64 inch

Must use OEM TLR diff gear and bearings to complete diff (not included in MIP Kit)


TLR 22 T


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Safety Data at http://miponline.com/store/msds.html

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"a MUST have item for any stock class racer." Facebook, Brett R.

The ULTIMATE stock racing hop up." Facebook, Brian R.

MIP PUCK System10/04/2013
By Ian Cameron
soon as you get the bag for the MIP PUCKS system you can tell you're in
for a great change to your stock losi SCTE drive line. This center
drive system is considerably lighter than the standard setup. My first
outing with these was at a tight, high traction indoor track in Columbus
Ohio. This is where I feel that the lightened drive line can really
make the difference. My truck seemed to accelerate quicker, and seemed
to be more agile with the lightened system. I can't wait to see what
other lightened products MIP will release for the SCTE.

5 Star ***** Associated 17.5 Pucks system advantage!11/06/2013

By Paul Peterson
can tell you the Pucks System Helped get me a trophy. At the Last race
of the season I put my Pucks system in my SC Dirt Modified and it was
enough of an advantage to push me past the other competitors into the
3rd place for the season Trophy. The lighter rotating weight is what
helps a lot in all "Blinky" classes... rotating weight is a big factor
on speed when you can't time things. Every little bit helps in these
very competitive classes. I can thank MIP for the help in me getting a
little more trophy hardware this season!!!!

MIP Puck Drive System10/25/2013
By David Krider
impressed with the new Pucks drive system ----Eustace -you did it again
! I purchased my first MIP product in 1984 --- Trailing arms for the
Tamiya Rough Rider. Thank you Dave K aka Chef Dave

kyosho sc and stadium alum axle diff kit.10/13/2013
By Charles Fowler
new orange puck system is great and have won several races already.
Great acceartion for stock 17.5 truck and sc, I did a little work and
installed the first MIP RT5 Kyosho stadium truck kit together and it
worked great. The way the pucks glide in the outdrives has shown no wear
at all. Suggestion recommend everyone to install new ball cups on rear
turnbuckles because the pucks will be a little tough to put back during a

5 Star ***** Puck drive system09/24/2013

By Woody Woodruff
product, installed the puck drive system this past weekend before the
final round of the RC Pro mountain and was very pleased with the added
performance they delivered. Just an example of another quality product
from MIP!