MIP Pro4mance™ #5-40 Aluminum Nuts, All TLR 2.0, Losi SCTE, Ten Rally-X #13245

MIP Pro4mance™ #5-40 Aluminum Nuts, All TLR 2.0, Losi SCTE, Ten Rally-X #13245

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are confronted with a wide variety of issues that can affect
performance. It is commonly understood that weight is the enemy in race
vehicles. In theory, the heavier the car is the slower it will go.
Heavier vehicles experience a reduction in overall speed caused by
increased friction with the ground. Acceleration and deceleration is
also affected. By simply swapping out the stock nuts, a significant
savings in weight over the entire vehicle is attainable. In fact, when
comparing the lightweight MIP set of 26 nuts to the heavier stock sets;
the saved weight is around 9.344 grams (4.990 grams aluminum vs. 14.334
grams steel). Yes, the functional benefits such as protecting your
vehicle from corrosive rust are noteworthy, but the new silver-toned MIP
Pro4mance™ Aluminum Nuts will also turn heads at the track. Dominate
the podium and look good doing it with MIP.
RC Racing Enthusiasts who need lightened, Aircraft grade high-end performance hardware.
The MIP Pro4mance™ #5-40 Aluminum Nuts removes un-needed weight from your vehicle.
Removes more than 9 grams of weight from your vehicle!
Includes 26 Nuts to convert TLR SCTE 1.0, 2.0 or MIP Pro4mance™ Kit (MIP#12220)
Direct replacement from stock steel nuts;
All-in-1 MIP Pro4mance™ Upgrade Package!
Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum!
#5-40 Aluminum Locknuts (26), MIP Confetti Sticker
Tools for assembly.


Losi 1.0 SCTe, TLR 2.0 SCTe, Ten Rally-X and MIP Pro4mance™ Packed SCTe


(Sold only as a complete kit.)

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