Realistic Damage Aluminum Dodge Ram Body

  • $200.00
  • Save $100


This body is made up of aluminum panels that you glue together with shoe goo or add to custom cage work. This will dent realistically and the dents can be straighten or panels replaced.

You will have to create your own bed floor. You will have to create your own windows from lexan or pop bottle or something.

12.3 wheel base

You can purchase each panel separately or purchase the full kit.

Full Kit includes:
Both cab sides
Both Doors
Both Front Fenders
Both Rear bed sides
Rear Cab Wall

This body has wide wheel openings cut as it was originally molded to be used as a class 2 trail truck.
The Spare Time Hobbies Dodge Ram mirrors will fit this body. Also the rubber fender flares will fit if you are looking for a more class 1 look both of which can be found here in our store.

There is no cab floor, bed floor or tailgate with this kit.

*** Panels may have to be manufactured upon order, please allow extra processing time 2-3 weeks for this. These panels are hand formed and not perfect. There maybe blemishes in the metal. It is recommended you use a good primer to help "smooth" the lines. This body is designed to be dented and smashed as you drive so the imperfections won't be noticed after a few drives.***