HD Center Driveshaft (front, Losi SCTE, TEN-T, 810, w/ snap ring)

HD Center Driveshaft (front, Losi SCTE, TEN-T, 810, w/ snap ring)

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One of the main weaknesses of the Losi SCTE (Ten-T, 810) is the
center front driveshaft. The extreme angle and cheap stock material
causes the barrel and pins to wear prematurely. Worse yet is when the
pins eject while you’re halfway through your main event!

We have
engineered a new set of center driveshafts and diff couplers based on
our top of the line M6 driveshaft design. Through the use of the finest
materials and hardening methods, we have come up with a driveshaft that
will last at least twice as long as the stock units. The best part is
our proven snapring that retains the drive pin. Drive with confidence
knowing that your pin is secure and moving freely and efficiently.
Start saving money and hassle on stock replacements and step up to the


  • Stronger than stock driveshaft. They will last longer and require less maintenance.
  • Snapring retains the pin, it will never eject again
  • Super light design
  • All hardened steel construction
  • Massive M5 set screw, prevents stripping out
  • Completely rebuildable
  • Track tested

Parts available separately:

TKR2216 -> snaprings

TKR2215 -> CV rebuild kit

TKR2213 -> complete center front driveshaft

TKR2217 -> complete center rear driveshaft