Deep Dish 12 Hole Beadlock 1.9 Rim - Set of 4

Deep Dish 12 Hole Beadlock 1.9 Rim - Set of 4

  • $150.00
  • Save $22

These are a Special Deep Dish 12

hole rim with a polished finish, 6 studs, and a decorative scale

beadlock bolt pattern around the inner rim. As usual, these will lock

the tire from the back of the wheel.
The wheel fitment of this new

design is the same super-tucked-in layout we have been doing all along!

This new Deep Dish face will still fit under the truck the same as all

our other 1.9 Beadlock wheels, and can be made to fit wider out from the

truck with our 3mm spacer kit (available in the wheels section).


GCM Racing Wheel users have come to expect, we include a full brake

rotor and hex hardware with every order. The brake rotor is driven

directly from your 12mm standard hex, and the rotor and wheel combo is

tucked into the axle as much as physically possible to create that stock

wheel, under body look but have the strength and reliability known as

GCM Racing.

Includes all hex hardware, wheel components, and the Hex-drive rotor.