Ascender Shock Relocation Kit

Ascender Shock Relocation Kit

  • $25.00
  • Save $3.75

If you want to get the rear shocks out of the way for your

interior kit, then this is the trick... and KEEP all your rear link

suspension the same!
The axle hoops fit over the tube from the bearing ends, and bolt into the space beside the rear links.

included spacers fit in the place where the stock shocks were

positioned, and the new rear shocks fit on the back of the new axle

The top of the new shocks fit in the 3 positions for

mounting on the frame cross brace and get all the shock space under the

After mounting the items you have the option to keep the

upright shock towers and body mount, or remove them for a flat rear

floor and get your interior flat in the back of the truck!

This setup works great WITH the rear shock tower ON or with the rear shock tower OFF the frame. The kit still fits the same.

1 rear shock bridge
2 axle brackets
All the spacers and Hex hardware


kit requires a 70 or 75mm rear shock to fit well. We recommend a large

bore spring for a solid and tunable ride in the rear of your ascender.

The stock ascender shocks can not be used on this relocation kit.

**When available

we have a 75mm Rear Shock option to add to your order. These REQUIRE

your own shock oil to be added, as they are shipped with NO lubrication

in them. We recommend a 60 to 80 weight silicone shock oil in this shock

for a nice smooth shock and great rear suspension control.**