Ascender Blazer Rear Axle Truss

Ascender Blazer Rear Axle Truss

  • $26.00
  • Save $3.90

Vaterra Ascender trucks are designed

from the factory to use equal length links, but unfortunately that

doesn't allow good rear suspension geometry. The good news is it's

really easy to upgrade this out back!
GCM offers this little truss

unit to replace the plastic banana unit and the install is very easy!

Simply remove the 12mm spacers in the top links out back and replace the

plastic truss with this aluminum unit, and you're off and running!

That's all! You can re-use all your stock hardware for the install.

This Truss fits the Bazer Ascender with the 12mm spacer removed. To adjust pinion angle, add a 3mm spacer to the top links.

This truss fits the Bronco Ascender with new custom top links made up, recommended 10mm shorter than stock. Not included.