AR60 Aluminum Beef Tubes - U4 (Wraith/Yeti/RR10)

AR60 Aluminum Beef Tubes - U4 (Wraith/Yeti/RR10)

  • $35.00
  • Save $5.25

What are AR60 - U4 - Beef Tubes, you ask? They are an

upgrade for the Axial AR60 axle housing that benefits the rig in several

ways. These do not add weight down low like the steel and brass

version. They do "Beef" up the axle housing itself to help keep from

snapping the housing in half. Another benefit is that they give you a

solid metal mount for the c-hub screws, instead of the stock thin

plastic that normally holds the c-hub screws and strips out easily.

Tubes come pre-drilled, tapped, and ready to install.

7075 Aluminum

Tube weight = 0.5 o.z. per set.